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What Is Notary Public?

Notary public, also referred to as public notary or simply notary, is a profession that can confuse many people. When needing advice and assistance preparing particular documentation, more confusion is usually the last thing that you need.

Perhaps the most important thing to know about what a notary public is can be found through the functions they perform, which includes:

  • Preparing and certifying documents such as powers of attorney, wills, deeds and contracts
  • Administering and verifying oaths
  • Witnessing signatures to important documents, including statutory declarations, powers of attorney and contracts
  • Noting and protesting bills of exchange
  • Much more

Choosing a public notary you can trust

After understanding what notary public is, it’s easy to see why selecting someone who is reliable and trustworthy is essential. This is especially true when you consider that a notary in NSW needs to have at least 5 years of experience as a practising solicitor, be appointed for life by the NSW Supreme Court, and have statutory powers to witness and administrate a range of documents.

Adam Stack & Co has the relevant knowledge and expertise to help you. They can assist you with further questions and any of your notary needs. Why not find out what they can do for you today – call (02) 9922 2351!

Pre Approved Home Loans

Could you afford a mortgage? Find out with Multi-Choice Home Loans

Take control of your financial situation and get a fast pre approval home loan with Multi-Choice Home Loans. Their mortgage pre approvals offer you the best peace of mind when it comes to buying, selling or building a property. Become a confident purchaser with the right pre-approved home loan, and get started in the right direction.

For over 14 years, Multi-Choice Home Loans has been providing Brisbane locals with a free pre-approved home loan. Using a pre-approval home loan calculator, Multi-Choice can determine your finances so that you can confidently make plans to sell, build or purchase. Setting out a budget is the most sensible and secure way to ensure that you will be able to cope financially once you apply for a home loan. With a lending panel of over 25 leading banks and other financial institutions, the smartest choice you’ll make before you commit to a home loan is to speak with the friendly and professional mortgage brokers at Multi-Choice.

Take the first steps towards getting your pre-approval home loan and call Multi-Choice Home Loans today.

Featured businesses of the month:

Australian Gual Metals

Australian Gual Metals is located in Sydney and have over 30 years of experience in the precious metals industry. We supply gold and silver for manufacturing and investment purposes. We provide some of the highest quality bullion the country has to offer. Make sure you are getting the best silver prices Australia-wide with Australia Gual Metals

Debt consolidation help

Get your finances back on track

Getting into debt is often part and parcel of starting up a new business, no matter what its size. They might have a loan from their bank to start up their business, a business credit card and an overdraft. And that’s just at one bank or lending institution. Successful businesses will get themselves out of debt with little to no hassle. Unfortunately those businesses that don’t perform quite as well will often move one step forward and two steps back, finding themselves further and further in debt. Many of these businesses will see no feasible way out and ultimately close their doors. It is possible however to achieve financial freedom with debt consolidation help from Debt Negotiators.

Practical debt consolidation solutions to help you

If you’ve maxed out your multiple business credit cards or you’re finding yourself unable to make your loan repayments due to a downturn in business and you’re seeing no way out from the black hole, you might be eligible for debt consolidation help in the form of a loan. A debt consolidation loan essentially combines all your loans into one, so instead of paying three creditors at possibly three different interest rates you pay back only one at just one interest rate. It’s this kind of debt consolidation help from Debt Negotiators that has helped businesses across Australia fight their way back to a healthy financial standing and stave off the banks and debt collectors from breathing down their necks.

Debt Negotiators can provide a range of debt consolidation help options, from loans to mortgage refinancing loans and debt agreements. If your business needs serious assistance with its financial situation, there is no better time than now to contact the debt consolidation experts at Debt Negotiators. Take the first steps toward regaining a healthy financial position today.

Enhance the appeal of your business with classic corporate art

Let corporate art work impress your clients and grow your business

Sculptura is one of Australia’s premier corporate art distributors, with showroom across Melbourne exhibiting the breathtaking creations by in-house artists with a flair for sophistication. Corporate art is an important element of any business office as it communicates with clients or partners the intellect and creativity of the company. Clients and partners are more likely to confidently conduct business with a company that exudes class and elegance through the display of classic corporate art.
Sculptura’s range of purchase or hire corporate art is versatile and of the highest standard, meaning that it is perfect for any corporate environment. Using a mixture of metal, stainless steel and corten, each piece of art from Sculptura is skilfully crafted to communicate the characteristics of its corporate environment. Transform your office into the most impressive and aesthetically impressive setting with Sculptura’s range of corporate art, available for purchase or hire.

Classic corporate art of an internation standard

Investing in something as timeless as artwork from Sculptura is a fantastic way to give your office the boost it needs to achieve the look of elegance and sophistication required to really excel. Add great aesthetic and financial value to your office, showroom or business space with corporate art work from Sculptura, and reap the benefits of this added dimension of class, without feeling the pinch of financial expenses.
With an unrivalled recognition in the Australian art world, Sculptura has exhibited metal art works in various countries in Asia, North America and Europe, making it the perfect choice to either buy or hire your corporate art.
Add a touch of class and ambiance to your office building and invest in the affordable range of metal corporate art work from Sculptura.

931 High Street
Armadale VIC 3143
Phone: 03 9824 5555

Bookkeeping Services in Parramatta Run the Financial Gamut

When deciding on an accounting firm for your business there are several things to be considered.  First, what bookkeeping services in Parramatta are available?  Second, which of these services do you need?  Finally, what would you also like to have available in the future?  A full charge company will offer practically every business service imaginable.  Don’t have time to process payroll in-house?  No worries, your accountant will be more than happy to take care of that for you.  Bookkeeping services in Parramatta are extremely comprehensive.  Are you afraid that your business is losing money?  Have your accounting company run a profit/loss statement and do a cash flow analysis to give you a solid idea of the health of your company.  Currently you personally handle all accounts to help keep overhead low, but you can see a time in the near future when you would like to have more time to interact directly with you customers.  All these services and more can be provided by an experienced accounting firm.

Get Your RSA Training Certificate For A Better Career

Eclipse Online Education offers training in the responsible service of alcohol (RSA) and other hospitality courses to assist Australian’s and eligible visitors to gain employment in the hospitality industry.

As one of the leading online hospitality training providers, Eclipse Online education facilitates career progress by ensuring that course participants are educated to a high standard in the safe service of alcohol.

Through Eclipse Online Education, RSA certification (SITHFAB009A) is available in Brisbane (QLD), Melbourne (VIC), Adelaide (SA), Perth (WA) and Darwin (NT) but is not available in Sydney (NSW) or Tasmania.

Contact Eclipse Online Education for more on RSA qualification.

Certificate 4 in Frontline Management Supervisory Skills Helps Advance a Career

Receiving the certificate 4 in frontline management equips the business professional with all the tools to get the job done. The certificate 4 provides all the training needed to become business leader in almost any industry in Australia. Online certification is beneficial for those who want to advance in the business world, but also excel when working at their own pace and their own schedule. Frontline management online courses are designed for the self-paced, diverse, business supervisor in Australia’s modern business universe. Many business professionals find they are surprised at the ease of enrollment and the flexibility of online training. Receiving a certificate 4 in frontline management will show that the holder of the certificate understands the value of teamwork in today’s business environment, and is aware of what it takes to be a strong leader. The holder of a certificate 4 in frontline management will have the skills of a business professional and the confidence of a supervisor.

How to Find Car Insurance in Australia

You have taken a wise decision to look for car insurance in Australia, because driving without insurance is certainly not the best thing to do. In some regions in Australia, a basic third party insurance coverage is included with the registration fees of the car. However this insurance that is covered by registration fees usually includes only the minimum personal injury. To get coverage beyond the minimum, you must seek good private car insurance in Australia.

In order to apply for insurance, you will need to furnish the company with some personal details such as driver’s permit number, car model, and age and permit number of any other person you may want to get coverage for. Equipped with this information, you can start looking for the affordable car insurance in Australia. When seeking an insurance quote, you may have to provide your past driving record as well.

There are several car insurance companies in Australia that offer online quotes through their websites. You can also read reviews about the company online to find out more about their services. For more information, you can also talk to an agent from the company.

Another simple way to find cheap car insurance is to contact the independent insurance representatives. Such representatives have no affiliation with any particular company. They will study your profile and recommend the best car insurance in Australia meeting all your requirements. This method works best for people who are not quite familiar with insurance coverage and seek advice from experts.

After you have received the quotes from different companies, you must compare them and then take your final decision. Every individual’s profile is different from others and an insurance coverage that suits your family or friends, may not necessarily be the best for you. Hence, survey the market well and take your decision wisely.

Use a Video Production Company in Sydney to Market Your Event!

When putting together an event for charity, it simply won’t due to have it poorly marketed. Charity events need to be well attended and there are several things that can be done to make this possible. One of the simplest things to do is to send out correspondence to your clients, ensuring that they are aware of their invitation to your charity event. Memos should go out to all employees as well, making sure they are made to feel welcome to attend as well. Perhaps one of the best things that can be done is to hire a video production company in Sydney to help market your event. Video is one of the best ways to capture a person’s attention and marketing is the key to a successful business venture, no matter what the venture is. If you’re looking to have an exceedingly successful charity event, then you are looking for a video production company in Sydney.